Monday, May 24, 2010

"The Bachelorette:" Ali Fedotowsky's search for Love premieres tonight at 9pm

It's almost that time again.........tonight to be exact, for newly minted 'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky to make her bachelorette debut. ABC has released some details of the upcoming season.

According to the network, Ali will trot the globe to fab destinations including Turkey, Tahiti, Portugal, Iceland and who knows (we're pretty sure they are keeping the others top secret)... sounds like fun times.

So who are the guys vying for fame, ahem, we mean Ali's heart? There's an attorney, a real estate developer, a TV weatherman, a professional wrestler and an aspiring musician (we see where this is going......emphasis on aspiring? maybe??), among others. Apparently there are only 25 even though Ali made a tongue in cheek request for 50...... Jillian had 30. Bummer!

Oh and with every Bachelorette show, there's always that one player. Watch for this season's player whose girlfriend allegedly outs him while he is on the show.... Hmm..... That's the rumor.

The highly anticipated (did we say that??) new season premires on tonight from 9-11pm ET. Starting Monday, May 31 the show moves to its regular time slot of 8-10pm ET.

Jake's dying to watch. Vienna will prefer not to........ Just kidding!!

We're just interested in the fashion.........Right!

ABC Photo

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