Monday, December 31, 2007

Here's What You Said in the Polls

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2008 Polls!!! The Poll results are in and 69% of you plan to save more cash in 2008!!!! 13% of you plan to buy a new home, 4% of you plan to date more, 4% of you plan to lose weight, and 8% of you have no resolutions for 2008!!!

Please take a minute to participate in the new polls.... :-)

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

31 Ways to Meet a Fabulous Man

Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season!!! While browsing through some news on something caught my eye - 31 Ways to meet a quality man by Pari Livermore, author of How to Marry a Fabulous Man. For those of you who are looking for a quality man, here's your roadmap for 2008. Good luck!!! :-)

31 ways to meet a quality man.

1. Give a party - ...with a man who has some great friends. You invite the women — he invites the men.
2. Practice recycling - Trade your old beaus with your friends.
3. Get set up - Ask 10 friends you admire to introduce you to someone special.
4. Attend events with beautiful women - They’ll make you sparkle, too. Men flock to them and you can enjoy the overflow.
5. Matchmake your friends - And make sure they reciprocate!
6. Go to parties - ...even if you don’t feel like it. Many women who go to parties with few expectations end up meeting their future husbands this way.
7. Gravitate toward the hot spots - a party. Stand next to the group of people who look like they are having the best time.
8. Be friendly at your grocery store - If a man hovers around the pasta, give him your grandmother’s recipe for tomato sauce.
9. Go for the friends - If a guy has cool friends, throw him a surprise birthday party.
10. Give back - Donate time to nonprofit organizations in your community.
11. Find extra-cirricular activities - Join every organization that interests you.
12. Date online - Sign up with an Internet dating service. Try niche ones for people with similar interests such as religion, politics or the arts.
13. Get sporty - Observe or participate in athletic events. Join a ski, volleyball or tennis club.
14. Take a night class - Choose a subject you’re interested in that you think would also appeal to someone with lots of testosterone.
15. Be a flirt - Do a little flirting if you’re in a safe environment. Don’t be afraid to stare at an attractive man from across the room.

16. Get political - Offer your services to an election campaign or political group. Most men love politics.
17. Attend a house of worship - Take part in their events. If they don’t have a singles group, offer to start one.
18. Host a salon - Invite artists to display their work and performers to perform in your home. Invite their friends.

19. Buy a dress - ...that makes you feel beautiful and wear it often.

20. Turn up the kitchen heat - Learn to cook a few simple, delicious meals. Start a cooking class for singles.
21. Always look your best - You never know when or where you’ll meet someone.
22. Know what you want - List the three most important qualities you admire in a man. Only date men who have those qualities.
23. Be open-minded - If a man has the qualities you want, even if he’s not perfect, make an effort to date outside your comfort zone.
24. Be your best self - Polish the facets of your life, both skills and attitudes.
25. Write your own commercial - List 10 things that are wonderful about you.
26. Forgive yourself - Don't carry baggage.
27. Become an expert - ...on a subject that interests you.
28. Reinvent yourself - Lose some weight, buy a new wardrobe, develop new interests or break old habits.
29. Be positive - Put on a happy face, and don’t gossip.
30. Don’t be too aggressive - Why serve yourself to a man on a silver platter? Make it more difficult; give him the can and let him open it.
31. Visualize what you want - Conjure visions of a successful courtship and a beautiful marriage.


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

Wishing Everyone a Fabulously Sassy Holiday Season!!!

Happy Holidays from Boutique Mix!!!!!!!

Holiday Picture
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Date # 4 Teaser - EntrepreneurialPharmacist987

Sorry for the delay guys - my day job happened :-)

It's time to meet #4 - EntrepreneurialPharmacist987

I was intrigued with Chris from the start. He told me he was a 32-year old pharmacist, with a keen interest in drug production and lifestyle enhancement. I didn’t know what he meant, but figured, I’d ask him later. We spoke on the phone about ten times before we met. I met him at a nice upscale restaurant and we hit it off immediately. I noticed group of about ten men sitting next to our table. He’d constantly wave at them and they stared repeatedly at our table. Perturbed and irritated, I asked him what was going on. He told me that in his line of work, he had to travel with an entourage, “a group of men who had his back.” What? I was confused. When did pharmacy work become so dangerous? He laughed at me and told me he would explain. I listened. Boy, did I get an earful.

He told me his job was to make people feel good. He described himself and an entrepreneur who specialized in pharmacy. “Oh” I said,………"so what you’re saying is that you own pharmacies?” He laughed and said “something like that.” I asked what he meant. He informed me that he was a drug dealer. Yes you heard. He was, as a put it, in the business of helping people relax. His said his impressive list of clientele included only the most elite doctors, judges, lawyers, cops and investment bankers in the city. People who wanted to chill out and relax after a long hard week of working. He sold only the best and sold his stuff to only upscale clients. He stated that he made over eight figures every year and had the best protection than any other drug dealer, and of course only dealt in cash. He told me I would be floored by his client list. Really? I told him to go no further.

Not only was he a thriving felon and criminal, but he also dealt only in cash, thus, making no contribution to our national economy. I obviously have no problem with what people choose as their careers, but I was bothered by Chris’s occupation. It was dangerous and I wanted no part of it. My Gosh, I could not believe I was sitting across from one of the biggest drug dealers in the city. What had my life become? How did I even get here? Here I was eating dinner with an unscrupulous “businessman” and I’m using the term businessman lightly, who sold drugs in his greedy quest to live a fabulous lifestyle. I was disgusted. He turned my stomach.

I must admit that a part of me felt relieved that he wasn’t one of those street dealers who sell drugs indiscriminately to everyone, including young innocent children. At least he sold his crap to folks who were old enough and sophisticated enough to know and understand what they were doing. Am I justifying his career choice? Nope!!! Am I judging him? Maybe. But as I excused myself from dinner and walked home, I felt comfortable walking out of his life forever. I reminded myself to “just say no!!!!” The date was so exhausting and and it gave me such a terrible headache that I had to go home and take some drugs - advil!!!

I will post Date # 5 later(I promise :-))

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

2007 Holiday Wishlist

Santa, please send me the following -

1. World Peace
2. A boyfriend for Jennifer Anniston
3. Spare time to write about Date #4

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Today is World AIDS Day!!! - December 1, 2007

Knowledge is half the battle!!!

She is wearing her Ribbon. Where is yours?

Wear your Ribbon this Month in support of your fight against Aids!!!

Please be SAFE!!!!!

She is wearing her ribbon

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