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Here's What You Said in the Polls

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2008 Polls!!! The Poll results are in and 69% of you plan to save more cash in 2008!!!! 13% of you plan to buy a new home, 4% of you plan to date more, 4% of you plan to lose weight, and 8% of you have no resolutions for 2008!!!

Please take a minute to participate in the new polls.... :-)

Bubbles & Bows

Sunday, December 30, 2007

31 Ways to Meet a Fabulous Man

Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season!!! While browsing through some news on something caught my eye - 31 Ways to meet a quality man by Pari Livermore, author of How to Marry a Fabulous Man. For those of you who are looking for a quality man, here's your roadmap for 2008. Good luck!!! :-)

31 ways to meet a quality man.

1. Give a party - ...with a man who has some great friends. You invite the women — he invites the men.
2. Practice recycling - Trade your old beaus with your friends.
3. Get set up - Ask 10 friends you admire to introduce you to someone special.
4. Attend events with beautiful women - They’ll make you sparkle, too. Men flock to them and you can enjoy the overflow.
5. Matchmake your friends - And make sure they reciprocate!
6. Go to parties - ...even if you don’t feel like it. Many women who go to parties with few expectations end up meeting their future husbands this way.
7. Gravitate toward the hot spots - a party. Stand next to the group of people who look like they are having the best time.
8. Be friendly at your grocery store - If a man hovers around the pasta, give him your grandmother’s recipe for tomato sauce.
9. Go for the friends - If a guy has cool friends, throw him a surprise birthday party.
10. Give back - Donate time to nonprofit organizations in your community.
11. Find extra-cirricular activities - Join every organization that interests you.
12. Date online - Sign up with an Internet dating service. Try niche ones for people with similar interests such as religion, politics or the arts.
13. Get sporty - Observe or participate in athletic events. Join a ski, volleyball or tennis club.
14. Take a night class - Choose a subject you’re interested in that you think would also appeal to someone with lots of testosterone.
15. Be a flirt - Do a little flirting if you’re in a safe environment. Don’t be afraid to stare at an attractive man from across the room.

16. Get political - Offer your services to an election campaign or political group. Most men love politics.
17. Attend a house of worship - Take part in their events. If they don’t have a singles group, offer to start one.
18. Host a salon - Invite artists to display their work and performers to perform in your home. Invite their friends.

19. Buy a dress - ...that makes you feel beautiful and wear it often.

20. Turn up the kitchen heat - Learn to cook a few simple, delicious meals. Start a cooking class for singles.
21. Always look your best - You never know when or where you’ll meet someone.
22. Know what you want - List the three most important qualities you admire in a man. Only date men who have those qualities.
23. Be open-minded - If a man has the qualities you want, even if he’s not perfect, make an effort to date outside your comfort zone.
24. Be your best self - Polish the facets of your life, both skills and attitudes.
25. Write your own commercial - List 10 things that are wonderful about you.
26. Forgive yourself - Don't carry baggage.
27. Become an expert - ...on a subject that interests you.
28. Reinvent yourself - Lose some weight, buy a new wardrobe, develop new interests or break old habits.
29. Be positive - Put on a happy face, and don’t gossip.
30. Don’t be too aggressive - Why serve yourself to a man on a silver platter? Make it more difficult; give him the can and let him open it.
31. Visualize what you want - Conjure visions of a successful courtship and a beautiful marriage.


Boutique Mix for Accessories

Sassy's Dreams for David Beckham

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Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

Wishing Everyone a Fabulously Sassy Holiday Season!!!

Happy Holidays from Boutique Mix!!!!!!!

Holiday Picture
Boutique Mix Accessories by MiMi

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Date # 4 Teaser - EntrepreneurialPharmacist987

Sorry for the delay guys - my day job happened :-)

It's time to meet #4 - EntrepreneurialPharmacist987

I was intrigued with Chris from the start. He told me he was a 32-year old pharmacist, with a keen interest in drug production and lifestyle enhancement. I didn’t know what he meant, but figured, I’d ask him later. We spoke on the phone about ten times before we met. I met him at a nice upscale restaurant and we hit it off immediately. I noticed group of about ten men sitting next to our table. He’d constantly wave at them and they stared repeatedly at our table. Perturbed and irritated, I asked him what was going on. He told me that in his line of work, he had to travel with an entourage, “a group of men who had his back.” What? I was confused. When did pharmacy work become so dangerous? He laughed at me and told me he would explain. I listened. Boy, did I get an earful.

He told me his job was to make people feel good. He described himself and an entrepreneur who specialized in pharmacy. “Oh” I said,………"so what you’re saying is that you own pharmacies?” He laughed and said “something like that.” I asked what he meant. He informed me that he was a drug dealer. Yes you heard. He was, as a put it, in the business of helping people relax. His said his impressive list of clientele included only the most elite doctors, judges, lawyers, cops and investment bankers in the city. People who wanted to chill out and relax after a long hard week of working. He sold only the best and sold his stuff to only upscale clients. He stated that he made over eight figures every year and had the best protection than any other drug dealer, and of course only dealt in cash. He told me I would be floored by his client list. Really? I told him to go no further.

Not only was he a thriving felon and criminal, but he also dealt only in cash, thus, making no contribution to our national economy. I obviously have no problem with what people choose as their careers, but I was bothered by Chris’s occupation. It was dangerous and I wanted no part of it. My Gosh, I could not believe I was sitting across from one of the biggest drug dealers in the city. What had my life become? How did I even get here? Here I was eating dinner with an unscrupulous “businessman” and I’m using the term businessman lightly, who sold drugs in his greedy quest to live a fabulous lifestyle. I was disgusted. He turned my stomach.

I must admit that a part of me felt relieved that he wasn’t one of those street dealers who sell drugs indiscriminately to everyone, including young innocent children. At least he sold his crap to folks who were old enough and sophisticated enough to know and understand what they were doing. Am I justifying his career choice? Nope!!! Am I judging him? Maybe. But as I excused myself from dinner and walked home, I felt comfortable walking out of his life forever. I reminded myself to “just say no!!!!” The date was so exhausting and and it gave me such a terrible headache that I had to go home and take some drugs - advil!!!

I will post Date # 5 later(I promise :-))

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

2007 Holiday Wishlist

Santa, please send me the following -

1. World Peace
2. A boyfriend for Jennifer Anniston
3. Spare time to write about Date #4

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Today is World AIDS Day!!! - December 1, 2007

Knowledge is half the battle!!!

She is wearing her Ribbon. Where is yours?

Wear your Ribbon this Month in support of your fight against Aids!!!

Please be SAFE!!!!!

She is wearing her ribbon

Friday, November 30, 2007

Have You Tried Online Dating?? Poll

Stay and celebrate with me.......

Thanks to EVERYONE who voted!!! With 24 votes in, 50 percent of you say you have tried online dating!!! Uncork the wine, savor the chocolate and lets heal........ umm, laugh together :-):-)

Stay tuned for the next poll!!!

Singing the Dating-WTF Blues

Ok, so I'll file this one under WTF??? So y'all know I'm doing the online dating thing........yeah, I haven't given any more updates since date 3, but I will. I promise. Date 3 took too much out of me. If you read it you know that I'm still nursing that bruised black eye. Seriously, I am. It made me rethink some things, you know? Anyway, back to me singing the dating blues tonight.

So I winked at this guy on Yeah, for those of you who don't know, you can wink or send emails if someone catches your eye. Actually I always send emails. This was my first time winking. I don't like winking. When was the last time some dude walked by you and winked? When was the last time you winked to get some dude's attention? I guess for some of you it was last night at the club. For me, it was years ago in undergrad during a really boring chemistry class. Anyway as usual, I digress.

So I winked at this dude and he winked back. Okayyyyyyyyyyy...... So I emailed him and told him I liked his smile (yes, I know its an overused line, and yes, I'm going to keep using it!!!!). He emailed me back thanking me for the compliment saying, in pertinent part, "Thanks for your wink and email. You have a pretty smile too even though your lips are really thin, but I'm curious about one thing, how did you find me since you live in [East Coast] and I live in so far away in New York." Just for the record, its only an hour train ride away, but who's counting? You're wondering why this gives me the blues?

Maybe its because this is the 5th guy who has asked me how I found him. MFKR you're on the Worldwide Web. It's not a freagging gated community. You pay your cash, you get instant access. If you post your picture on the web with a corresponding profile looking for a date, someone is bound to find it, read it, and respond to it. An interested party might even have the ..........gasp......... the nerve......... to wink or send an email. Does he think he's hiding or something? I mean, does he not know that anyone with a keyboard can find you if they're looking for you? Dude, its not the witness protection're not undercover. You're on an Internet dating site.

If you say that you're looking for someone within 5000 miles and I live an hour away from you, then don't tell me I live too far away from you. Do the math, ok. If you post your picture and a dating profile on the Worldwide Web and I respond, don't ask how I freaggin found you. Please!!! I know you're probably wondering what is wrong with her? Why is she so mad? She should be more pissed about her "thin lips" comment. Yeah, I know, I am pissed about that too.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting Ready to attend a Soiree with your Sweetheart this Season?

You all know the deal. You have all these parties and/or dates coming up. You've met all these wonderful guys online and you're ready to hit the party circuit with your eye and arm candy. You've got the most fabulous dresses and shoes out there and now you may not be able to fit into them. Don't despair!!!

Health and lifestyle wellness coach A.J. Johnson has given Essence Magazine some fabulous tips for staying fit and healthy this holiday season. Apart from looking fabulous this holiday season, these are tips that will help you nourish your body and soul for the rest of your life!!!

Read the Essence Magazine article below.

You know the routine: First, you chomp down on your mom’s signature apple pie; then sip a few cocktails at the holiday office party. And don't forget, the hours spent cooking when you should be pumping iron at the gym. “It’s definitely a difficult time of year. You’re trying to squeeze into cute dresses, but there’s cookies and egg nog everywhere,” says wellness guru A.J. Johnson, whose celebrity clients include BeyoncĂ©, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker. “Still, it’s not a time to make excuses. You should plan instead of panic.” Here, Johnson shares her best secrets for having a happy holiday without it all going to your waist.

#1 Do Some Prep Work

“Commit to making a plan. The better the plan, the healthier the holiday,” says Johnson who has a ‘no excuses’ philosophy when it comes to wellness. Need to do holiday shopping during your normal workout time? Figure out when you’ll make it up or carry your goods instead of pushing them around in a cart so shopping becomes a workout. If you know that you’re going to indulge a bit at an office potluck, cut a few calories from other meals to make up for it.

#2 Fix Yourself A Plate—At Home

“If you’re going to a holiday dinner someplace else, eat a little something before you go so you’re not starving and likely to overeat when you get there,” advises Johnson. This is also a great way to make sure you’re eating healthy because you can pick the ingredients of your own dishes at home, even when we’re talking about desserts.. “When you’re making holiday cakes and pies, I’d rather people use honey, molasses, brown sugar, or even fresh fruit juice” suggests Johnson. “Natural sugar will burn off faster than chemically processed sugars.”

#3 Go Ahead, Have a Taste!

“A taste isn’t bad. You can have a taste of mac-and-cheese, but it shouldn’t become a side. It should be a tasty treat,” explains Johnson. So if the sweet potatoes or mac-and-cheese are making your mouth water, give in. But after your spoonful of banana pudding or forkful of pumpkin pie, put that utensil down and catch up with the cousin you haven’t seen in a year, or sit down and play a game with your nephew. By paying attention to portions, you’ll get to have your cake and eat it too without suffering the consequences.

#4 Avoid Eater’s Remorse

“Instead of saying, ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that,’ say ‘I want it, I’m going to eat it, and I’ll have work to do later for it,’” advises Johnson. “If I say I can’t pass up that red velvet cake, I know that means I have to do an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill or do an extra lap at the mall." So indulge, but have a plan of attack when it comes to blasting those extra calories that you’ve consumed.

#5 Shift The Focus Away From Food

“We make the excuse that Thanksgiving is about the dinner,” says Johnson, “but Thanksgiving can be about organizing the family touch-football game, group twister or everyone taking a walk together.” Try introducing new traditions to your holiday get-togethers that get your family moving—and burning calories. That way you all benefit in the end.


Still looking for gifts for your Sweetheart????

Check out CyberMonday!!!

Most of us have heard of Black Friday, but I polled 11 people today who haven't heard of Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and is considered the 12th biggest online shopping day of the year.

CLICK HERE for the biggest Cyber Monday deal page for this year!!!

Happy Clicking!!!!

Featured Shopping Deals include -

JC Penny
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and hundreds more. Don't forget to read Sassy's online shopping tips before you start click shopping!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thinking of Going to the Spa with your sweetheart?

You're back from spending thanksgiving with your sweetheart's family. You're exhausted from "pretending" and "being on your best behaviour" all weekend. You'll gag if you had to hug one more person or taste another darned pumpkin pie.

You'll live a happy life if you never have to hear your "future mother-in-law's" voice one more time. You cringe just thinking about the upcoming holidays, especially since your "future mother-in-law" just invited you to spend the holidays with the "family".............. and your sweetie politely accepted on your behalf...........


You're dying for some rejuvenation. Ahhhhhhhh, the spa......................... Nope!!! Just head to the shower. Yes, the Shower..........................

CLICK HERE for the most luxurious and relaxing shower of your life. When you're done, you'll gladly call your "future mother-in-law" to tell her you can't wait to see her in three weeks!!! You can thank me later.................. :-)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Private Practice - Cooper returns to online dating

If you watch this show and haven't seen today's episode yet, stop reading now. I don't want to ruin it for you!!!

I don't watch tv......... ok, i do, but only for law and order reruns. Who doesn't? Tonight I have the luxury of watching televion - not late night television, but real-time tv. Primetime. It's my second time watching the show. The first time I only saw the last 25 minutes of the show.

My sister called me tonight instructing me to watch the show because I'm into "online dating and all." I'm watching it now.........looks cool. Yes, I do admit I'm into online dating. You're on this blog, aren't you? The focus of tonight's episode is, among other things, about Cooper's (one of the main characters [i'm guessing]) return to online dating. I'm trying my best to follow............ I checked out ABC's homepage and here's the download on Cooper ----

"The center's resident pediatrician is Dr. Cooper Freedman, whose success in his profession belies his rocky personal life. He's a serial internet dater who is always attracted to the wrong woman. Most dates end badly for him; some even end in petty or grand theft.

Cooper finds solace and counsel in his closest friend, co-op psychiatrist Dr. Violet Turner - but she's no luckier in love. Able to deftly advise her patients in their relationships, she's intense, determined and unwilling to let outsiders see the obvious cracks in her veneer. Inside, Violet is crumbling after her recent breakup with an ex who has already moved on and married."

Ok, so now I get it. He's serial internet dater. I see my sister's point. I can totally identify with Cooper. I've been watching for ten minutes now and I haven't seen Cooper yet. Ok, I'll head over to ABC's website and get his mugshot........oh ok, its Paul Adelstein from Memoirs of a Geisha (if you saw the movie......if not, then he was also in Be Cool....... you didn't see that one either? dangit...........ok he was in collateral with tom crusie.....stop reading now if you didn't see that one either). Here's his mug.........

It's 9.16 and Cooper is finally online. He's reading online profiles now.......... Apparently some chick called "canyouhandleme?" caught his eye. The interesting thing is that I've seen several guys on with that screenname too. You look at their pictures and all you're thinking is "seriously, dude, i don't want to get near you-----forget handling you--------yuck!!" Oh, enough about me - back to Cooper. Well, its not my fault. The Cooper scene lasted half a second. I'm assuming he'll get actual face time at some point during this hour. If the show is centered on his return to online dating, I'm not sitting here wasting my time breathlessly hanging on just waiting for some random hookup during the last 30 seconds as a prelude to next week's episode. I'll be at work next week. Don't freaggin tease me tonight. Still on commercial interlude............

Oh wait, they're back and Cooper's on his date. They didn't show it but one of the other residents just mentioned it in passing. Why didn't they show us that part? Oooooooooo Dreamboat Tim Daly is on the show too. He looks really awesome for a dude in his 50s (hence the dreamboat tag). Oh Cooper's now at the bar. Might be an awkward run-in with some chick he actually knows. The date turned out to be some gal he apparently knows..........she bolted on him. I guess he wasn't too impressive the last time they met............ha!!! Apparently there's a typhoid fever outbreak at some church and in other show news, a teenage girl had a baby. Still no Cooper.

Back from commercial interlude. No Cooper, but I'm loving this show. Amy Brenneman from Judging Amy and Taye Diggs are also on the show, and so is Dr Addison from Grey's Anatomy (i regret to say I've never seen an episode of GA). There are other fine actors and actresses but I don't have time to list them all. I think there might be a "thing" between Daly's character and Dr. Addison. Nothing related to online dating though. Still no Cooper and now another commercial interlude. I do admit that I'm loving the show so far. I'm slightly less irritated about the internet dating angle though. It's only 9.38 so I'm still hopeful. And if you're thinking I'm obsessed with this internet dating thing, you're so wrong. I just enjoy the entertainment aspect of it.

That reminds me. There are several residents on and other dating sites too. Back from the interlude and the teenager's baby is getting prime facetime. Cooper is finally on. I didn't get his last exchange, but it had something to do with "canyouhandleme." And then there's some guy with a foot fetish who ended up in the hospital because he stuck a pair of shoes up his *&^. Yep, his (*&. I won't even go there. He had a date with Addison.....OMG, he put Addison's shoes in "his trunk." Apparently its a place where you shove things you steal from others in an anatomical kind of way-his ^&%. Sweet Mercy!!! Pass me the smelling salts!!!

Still no Cooper and his online date. But everything else about the show is great!! The nun in the church died from Typhoid fever. Commercial Interlude. Back on now. Oh wait, now I'm confused............I guess cuz I don't watch the show, but it appears that "canyouhandleme"-the chick who bolted -- is actually one of Cooper's colleagues.............That explains it!!!! LOL!!!

Oh, here's the biggie - The nun got the Typhoid fever from the Priest........................ and no, its not what you're thinking - even though he snuck into the convent every night to see her-----------------TO cook!!!! I know, I know. You're dissappointed..................what were you expecting?

Awwwwwwwwwww............... the teenager and her mom came to get the baby. Show's over now. Oh wait, Cooper just invited "canyouhandleme?" out for a drink........................ Last shot of the show now and guess what??? Cooper appears to be handling "it" quite fine and they didn't even go get that drink :-)!!!!!!



Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!! Enjoy the holidays!!!
If you're like most Americans, you will be doing a lot of your holiday shopping this [black]Friday. Most people will wake up super early to hit the stores. Last year, I hit Target, Macy's, Bloomingdales and Bed Bath & Beyond for all their megasales. Too bad!! I was too late. This year, I"m guessed it - ONLINE!! I'm sure I'm not alone. For myself and all those other super smart shoppers out there, here are few sassy online shopping tips from Happy Clicking!!

Top Tips: Online shopping safety - By Gerri Willis, CNN

The online shopping season is expected to bring in almost $39 billion in sales this year. And online shopping is a great way to keep your spending in line. But when you let your fingers do the walking, you'll want to take some precautions.

1. Look for a lock

You are particularly vulnerable to identity thieves when you're sending out your credit card information. To make sure your Web site is safe, look for a picture of a closed lock in the browser window. If you see a broken lock or key that means security isn't operating at that time according to the American Bar Association.

When the Web page asks for your credit card information, the web address should begin with "https" instead of "http." Other sites will have a pop up box that indicates you are entering a secure area.

2. Know your privacy

Ever wonder why you get spam from marketers you never did business with? It's because sellers on the web are allowed to collect your name, address, information on what Web site pages you visit, which products you buy, and where you ship them.

The seller can also share the information with other companies or sell it to them. Result: more spam. It's a good idea to check the seller's privacy policy. This will tell you what info the seller is collecting, how it will be used - and most importantly, how you can opt out of having this info distributed. Check for the privacy policy under "legal terms" or "terms and conditions."

3. Use the card

You'll be better off using a credit card rather than a debit card if you're making purchases online. A lot of cards have a "zero liability limit" meaning that you won't be held responsible if there's a fraudulent charge to your card. Federal law also limits the amount you would owe to $50.

Some cards even let you create an online ID for one-time purchases. Bank of America's ShopSafe card lets you create a temporary number when you make an online purchase. This number links to your real credit card - and keeps your real card safe. Discover card also lets you shop online with secure online account numbers. Call your credit card issuer and find out if it offers a protection like that.

4. Be wary of e-mails

You may receive an e-mail that looks like its from the company. It may ask you for your personal information in order to "verify" accounts or "clear up" errors that have occurred.

Remember, legitimate businesses do not ask for social security numbers or bank account numbers. You shouldn't respond to these e-mails and don't click on the links they contain.

If you want to check with the company, type the address of the Web site into your own computer or call the company about any questions. You should also consider changing your password every 3 to 4 months to make sure it hasn't fallen into the wrong hands.

Black Friday shopping guide - Marshall Loeb, MarketWatch

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Waking up early, pounding a cup of coffee and sprinting to the nearest mall has become a post-Thanksgiving tradition for many Americans bargain hunters. Not only does so-called Black Friday usher in the holiday shopping season, it also brings with it some of the best sales of the year.

But to get the most for your money, you would do well to heed the advice of The Motley Fool's "Pro-shopper" Dayana Yochim before hitting the stores:
Shop the night before. If you're looking for the cheapest prices on the "hottest" items, you may want to start your shopping online the night before. Why? A number of retail outlets post their Black Friday sales prices online on Thursday night, Yochim says. Snagging "must-have" items online in advance of the sales rush means you'll get the best price without having to worry about the store running out of the product you're after.

Search for coupon codes. If you're shopping online, be sure to take advantage of coupon codes. "If you're not, you're leaving money on the table," says Yochim. New to the world of coupon codes? Don't worry, it's easy. Just plug the name of the product you're looking for into your search engine along with the words "coupon code." If there is a coupon available, a link should appear, providing you with a discount code to plug in when you order online. You can also find deals on Web sites, such as, and

Research store return policies. A number of retailers are changing their return policies just for the holiday season, says Yochim, which means if you're not careful you could get stuck with some hefty fees for returns and exchanges. Stores' return policies are generally posted on their Web sites. You can also ask a clerk to help decode the fine print on the back of your receipt. But beware: many holiday employees are temporary and may not be clear on store policy.

Order must-have items early. If snagging the best deal is less important than making sure that you get your hands on this season's hottest toys, it's important to get a head-start on your shopping. Last year, retailers vastly overestimated the demand for a number of products and were forced to sell merchandise at bargain basement prices. To ensure this doesn't happen again, many stores are only stocking the bare minimum this holiday season, so supplies could run low, Yochim warns.

Beware of "sales." Just because something is on "sale," doesn't mean it's a good deal. So before you buy, do some retail recon. Go online and compare prices. "The more Web sites you visit to get an apples-to-apples comparison, the easier it will be to recognize a real deal," Yochim says. When you're ready to buy make sure you know exactly what's included in the purchase price or you may find yourself shelling out more for expensive "add-ons." Hint: If you're shopping in stores, bring hard-to-beat online offers to your local retailer and see if it will match the price.

Watch out for "warranties." Many salespeople make commissions off warranties, so if you're in the market for consumer electronics or appliances be prepared to get the hard sell. Yochim advises steering clear of warranties unless you're buying a product that hasn't been on the market long enough to have established reliability ratings. If you do opt for a warranty, you shouldn't be paying more than 20% of the product's purchase price, according to Consumer Reports.

Sweat the big stuff. If you don't have time to methodically search out the best deals for everything on your list, Yochim recommends concentrating your energy on big-ticket items, such as televisions and computers, where you can net the most significant savings.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flying the Friendly Skies with your Sweetie this Holiday Season?

Intro - If you're like Miss "Almost Engaged," (from the comments section below) you're traveling this holiday season to meet your sweetheart's family for the first time (or second, or third, or whatever :-)). You're obviously a fabulous diva who could use some sassy tips on staying sane while navigating the friendly skies. Holiday travel can be stressful enough, add that to meeting the family for the first time and even a fab diva could break out in hives. If you're like me and traveling home alone, then these sassy tips still apply to you. "Almost Engaged," I'm going to weave your request for fabulous accessories into this post!!!

1. Plan Ahead - Book your trip in advance. Buy your airline tickets at least 21 days in advance of your scheduled travel date. Tickets cost significantly cheaper if booked in advance, leaving you more cash for those fabulous shoes you've been lusting after. Or if you're like me, leaving you more cash to spend on the dating site du jour!!!


Do not wrap gifts - Last year, airport security unwrapped all my "pre-meticulously" wrapped presents to check the contents. I was so upset (for the wonderful store clerks who had painstakingly wrapped up all my gifts in the store). Remember that security comes before comfort and convenience these days. Alternatively pack some wrapping paper so that you can wrap the gifts when you arrive at your destination. Wrap the gifts in bubble wrap or other safety packing supplies. Don't forget you can always ship them ahead of your travel date so that you don't have to worry about it. They will be there waiting for you when you arrive (still fabulously wrapped). Instead of fighting with TSA at the airport you could be shopping at the airport or getting a wonderful massage (some airports offer those). Then you'll be all happy and relaxed when you get to your final destination. Another advantage is that shipping eliminates that "pissed off" feeling you get when the airport loses your luggage, especially if you have those "connecting flights from [insert frustrated adjective/place of choice]."

Heed the Carry-on Rules - You know all those fabulous face, body lotions and colognes you've spent a ton of cash on, well you may have to throw those away if they are larger than 3 ounces. Before you pack, head to Bath and Body works or your store of choice for their travel size lotions. If you're not going to a fabulous hotel (where you can expect lotions and other hygiene products when you check in) make sure you bring them along with you (especially if you're not sure whether your host [a.k.a your sweetie's family] is adequately prepared for these sort of mini-emergencies. It's a real bummer to get to your destination without any lotions, oils, colognes or body hydration of choice.


Every Diva Needs Fabulous Luggage (and pocketbook) - Use some of that cash you saved on airline tickets to buy you something sassy for your clothes and accessories. And for you "Almost Engaged," your luggage is an accessory. Trust me, it is!! You also want to carry a sassy pocketbook, sturdy enough to hold all your magazines, and gorgeous enough to be ogled!!!

Check in online if your airline allows it. This eliminates all those "waiting-in long lines" moments (sorry, you still have to go through security though - [for your safety :-))!!

Finally, Please arrive early - Even though hanging out at the airport is not your cup of tea, it beats missing your flight!!! You want to have enough time to have a relaxing flight. Nothing sucks more than running to the gate on the other side of the airport with only 30 seconds to spare. You want to be as relaxed and fabulous as possible. Sassy Divas are never harried!!! Plus, all that stress of "nearly missing your flight" puts you in a "fighting, leave me the [&^%*] alone mood" with your sweetie.

Accessories for The Holiday Season











Pictures: Intro, Plan Ahead, Do not wrap Gifts, Heed the Carry-on Rules, Every Diva Needs Fabulous Luggage, Fabulous Pocketbook, Check in online if your airline allows it, Lines, Please arrive early, 1. Bangles, 2. Bangles, 3 Bangles, 4. Jewel Cuff Bracelet, 5. Hoop Earrings, 6. Quilted Cuff Bracelet, 7. Heart & Dove Necklace, 8. Wing Pendant Necklace, 9. Envelope Clutch, 10. Jeweled Clutch

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Response to Annon's Request - Appropriate Date Attire

Anonymous said...
wow. so ok i joined and have my first official date Saturday night. any suggestions on what to wear? he wants me to pick the date. any date and outfit suggestions? thanks
November 17, 2007 3:42 AM


First, let me congratulate you on taking the leap into online dating!!!! How's treating you? It's one of my favorite dating sites. Anywhoo, sorry for the delay in responding to your question. Hopefully your date was a fabulous success and there'll be a second date. What did you wear? Where did you go? Were you impressed? Did you have a blast? After I read your question, I decided to have some fun with my response and provide you five outfits never to wear and another five that will leave him fighting for more :-)................

Five Outfits Never to Wear to your Date (especially your first date with some dude you met online)!!!!!!

I love Mary-Kate. How can you not, after watching Full House (twelve years ago and again this morning on the reruns --heeeheeeheee)? I respect her need to maintain her individuality from her twin sister. I respect her "hard working fabulously wealthy rass." I even bought a dress from her clothing line for my adorable niece. But why does she always feel the need to overwhelm me with her outfits. I completely understand that she is frugal (how else could she amass all her wealth, right?). But just because you are a frugal, hardworking billionaire does not mean you should skimp on material to cover your body. Invest in a good dress that flatters you. Seriously. And leave the hooker shoes home, please!!!

Picture Source

I love Liv Tyler. I love her gorgeous lips (she's not Angelina Jolie or anything, but her dad is Steve Tyler). I even watched her in Jersey Girl with Ben Affleck (you thought it was Ben and Jen, didn't you? Nope, it was Liv). This outfit she is wearing is the complete opposite of the one Mary-Kate has on, but that doesn't make it any better. Trust me, you are not your grandmother. Burn this............and the shoes. Burn them. I'd rather send the message from Mary-Kate's dress than this one..........!!!

Picture Source

Ok, should I even justify this one with an explanation about why you shouldn't wear either one of these outfits? I reiterate that I love the Olsen twins, especially after watching those reruns earlier today. They used to be so adorable. On occasion, Ashley is usually fab, notwithstanding a few flubs, here and there. Unless you are going to a costume ball with your date or a Halloween party, just don't wear this. Please. Halloween is far gone now so that takes care of that party. As for the costume ball, ask me for some recommendations when the time comes. You don't want to scare the heck out of your date looking like one of these. Plus, unless you're slightly into dominatrix you don't want to go there!!!

Picture Source

Honestly, I don't even know where to start. I"m thinking about it, but there are no words for this crap. Seriously. Don't get me wrong. I love lil Kim. I have put my lighters up on occasion -actually, on multiple occasions. I rooted for her when she went to prison. I was happy for her when she got out. I kinda lost track of her progress after she started to resemble Michael Jackson's second cousin (post thriller Michael - probably the "you know who's bad" Michael). If you go out to your date dressed like this, don't be surprised if he calls you Trixie and asks to see that "dollar bill" tattoo on your inner thigh. Don't say I didn't warn you. You know what bothers me (among several bothers) - the fact that she has that "i know i look hot" smirk on that contraption that used to be her face. That said, girl, "put your lighters up"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture Source


Say it with me - WTF?????? Yes. WTF??? As you can see, there is nothing about this picture you want to repeat. No words can capture the "DON'T DO THIS" caption. So, just don't!!!! You know, this is exactly the reason why Dave (yes Dave) is going to leave Posh for me. She's too posh to wear the dress so she'll just attach it to her neck. I can't wait to be that fabulous. But again, that's a great Halloween outfit. And honestly, I don't know how you can can even justify that. Sporty looks like she's 13 years late for a job interview on wall street and the other three look like they're headed to the prom. Don't!!!!

- Here are the Five fabulous outfits that will make you fab, and your date, grateful!!!!

I"m definitely a jean girl. They are fabulous with heels and sexy tops, and they never go out of style!!!

Picture Source

A dress that skims your figure and flatters your shape is always in style!!!

Picture Source

A nice pair of tailored pants and fabulous top make the perfect outfit. You still look sexy and classy, and you can come straight from work without rushing home to change!!!!!

Picture Source

If you're all about the glamor because you're heading to your date's holiday party, then congrats for making the "holiday party date cut," and try one of these fab outfits!!!!

Picture Source

If you're tied up at work and can only spare time for a "lunch time-only coffee break date," then stay fab in these career-date outfits!!!!

Picture Source

Of course, don't forget to accessorize. A fabulous outfit is never complete without fab accessories. Be confident and be yourself. Be careful. Remember, all you know about this dude is whatever "information" you read on his online dating profile and any other lies, ooops, i meant, self-serving statements he's given you during one of your marathon phone call sessions.

It's just a date!!!! Have fun and be fabulous!!!

If none of these outfits in this post appeal to you, then look in your closet and wear what flatters you, or head over to your BFF's closet and borrow her "i'm too fabulous for his **it" outfit. If none of that works, check out Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom, Macy's, Frederick's of Hollywood, Kitson, or any of your favorite stores or boutiques.

And you can always hit Forever 21 (my very fabulous and stylish girlfriend buys the most fashionable, chic outfits and accessories from this fab store) for "wallet-friendly" variations of those fabulously expensive outfits you've seen in US Magazine or Life & Style Weekly!!!!

If all else fails check out TilShop for a plethora of ideas!!!

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