Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Boutique Mix Charity - Rebuilding Sierra Leone and Understanding Genocide

In Early October, I participated in a panel discussion on Understanding Genocide. The Genocide Conference was hosted by the fabulous, socially conscious and truly wonderful law students at Vermont Law School. We discussed various issues affecting countries that have been affected by Genocide. I spoke about the civil war in Sierra Leone, the rampant use of Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone and other war torn countries and the ways in which we can heal by applying the tools of restorative justice.

As always these events are usually therapeutic for me and allow me to reflect on how lucky I am and pray for those who perished during the civil war in Sierra Leone. It also emphasized the importance of our duty to give back to our communities and our mandate to enrich the lives of the children who have lost everyone and everything.

As we round up 2008, we should continue to grade our efforts--- what have we done? what can we do better? how can we effectuate positive change in Sierra Leone? As promised I will continue to strive to rebuild Sierra Leone one child at a time through this blog and through humanitarian work with different organizations and hopefully, with Vermont Law School. Below are some pictures from the Understanding Genocide Conference.

Hopefully you will join me and Boutique Mix in the 2008 Pledge Campaign to rebuild Sierra Leone and impoverished Africa, one innocent child at a time.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

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