Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Response to TTQ's question

"Is it true that e-harmony (I think) has rejected a bunch of people? I mean in the commercial they looked ok, but the ad was for"

I'm sure you've all seen those cheeky ads showcasing "Rejected by Eharmony" stories. Well, I heard that Eharmony allegedly rejected same sex pairings because the is geared towards encouraging only heterosexual types of marriage. Of course, I'm not sure whether this true or not, but this is the word on the web.

Check out the washington post and wikpedia for more information on this online dating war!!! Do you think that same sex couples cannot be matched on 29 dimensions? What do you think?

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sassy's Third Date Teaser


Yes, that was his screen name. Obviously the name should have tipped me off, but I was going through my "needy, insecure, why doesn't anyone want me phase." [p.s. i'm out of that phase now]. We had dinner at a trendy little downtown restaurant. Good food, good drinks, good conversation. I did something I hadn't done before - headed over to his place. Real upscale condo in a trendy part of town. Fast forward to our mild "getting-to-know-you" session on his couch, manabouttown69 abruptly stopped and asked me to give him space.

Oblivious and thinking he meant more leg room, I said "sure" and moved to the other end of the couch. Umm, so, he said "noooooooooo sweetie, i mean, i need space from you in general." Well, perhaps I"m an idiot or just inexperienced, but we hadn't even spent three hours total together so why was he asking for space. I wasn't planning on spending the night [i have some morals :-)], i wasn't planning on requesting a nightcap, or a tour of his condo, or even a glass of water. So why did he need space. Luckily for him, I was too insecure and needy to come up with an angry retort and bounce.

My little voice inside of me (you know, the one that tells you how that light inside of you is going to shine) was screaming "bad news" but I didn't listen. He asked me to leave and told me he'd text me the next day to make plans. Stupid me. I said "ok" and left. I spent the next few hours feverishly waiting for the text. It came 48 hours later and I was soooooooooooo excited. We went out again a week later. This time, he told me that I wasn't coming back to his place after the date and that perhaps we could go dancing later or something. I wasn't upset (my therapist is currently working with me --- so don't worry. I'm making good progress now, i promise).

I should have been upset that every female bartender there knew his name and favorite drink.
I should have been upset that he was groomed to within an inch of his life - eyebrows, hair, nails, the works.
I should have been upset when he told me that if I fixed my teeth, I'd probably be a knockout.
I should have been upset that I exhausted myself with my enthusiastic display of weave tossing, fake eyelash batting, cleavage pumping and hearty throaty laughing.
I should have been upset with my enthusiastic response to his bland jokes, timely giggles, admiring his abs, his flashy clothes and his unbridled honesty.
I should have been upset that he asked me to duck when we stopped at a traffic light. (my therapist is working with me so please don't judge me).

At the club, he mentioned to me that his ex broke up with him because he was too handsome for her and that his current girlfriend thinks he's a serial philanderer. Yup, you read correct. His current girlfriend. In fact, she was here at the club and walking over in our direction right now.............................................

Ummm, so the next day, after leaving the doctor's office where the nurse patched up my bruises on my eye, I headed over to my therapist's couch.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dating Sites

Check out this site for a list of online dating sites. I think that your preferences will be based on your individual dating style and how much $$$ you're willing to invest in your quest for love/companionship/dealings/friendships/soulmates, whatever you prefer to call it.

If you prefer a profile questionnaire and guided communication, try If you prefer to hit the ground running, may be the one for you. I have heard several people say that they prefer to do custom searches themselves and prefer match. I have heard several others say that eharmony offers more "serious daters."

There are lots of sites other than yahoo personals, or eharmony. Others include, but are not limited to -,,,,,,,,,,, and

There you have it - The willy wonka factory of online dating!!!!! Now all you have to do is "research." You want a site that works best for you, tailored to your needs. Not some site that worked for your sister's best friend's cousin's roommate.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Response to SWF's comment

Hey Annon - I understand your dilema.... The only advice I have is for you to be unique and realistic. Focus on your strengths and be concise. As I stated previously, stay away from cliches, generalizations, and acronyms like SWF. Stay true to who you are!!! I"ve seen several profiles with titles such as "Desperately seeking my soulmate" or "Lonely King looking for his queen" or "Shallow guy looking for Dolly Partonesque Breasts" or "Traveling Prince seeks Princess or Goddess." Are you lonely, desperate or shallow or royalty? Probably Not!!! You never want to sound arrogant, rude, needy or shallow. Except if that's the image you truly want to send!!!! I'll do additional posts on this later this month!! Goodluck!!!

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