Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flying the Friendly Skies with your Sweetie this Holiday Season?

Intro - If you're like Miss "Almost Engaged," (from the comments section below) you're traveling this holiday season to meet your sweetheart's family for the first time (or second, or third, or whatever :-)). You're obviously a fabulous diva who could use some sassy tips on staying sane while navigating the friendly skies. Holiday travel can be stressful enough, add that to meeting the family for the first time and even a fab diva could break out in hives. If you're like me and traveling home alone, then these sassy tips still apply to you. "Almost Engaged," I'm going to weave your request for fabulous accessories into this post!!!

1. Plan Ahead - Book your trip in advance. Buy your airline tickets at least 21 days in advance of your scheduled travel date. Tickets cost significantly cheaper if booked in advance, leaving you more cash for those fabulous shoes you've been lusting after. Or if you're like me, leaving you more cash to spend on the dating site du jour!!!


Do not wrap gifts - Last year, airport security unwrapped all my "pre-meticulously" wrapped presents to check the contents. I was so upset (for the wonderful store clerks who had painstakingly wrapped up all my gifts in the store). Remember that security comes before comfort and convenience these days. Alternatively pack some wrapping paper so that you can wrap the gifts when you arrive at your destination. Wrap the gifts in bubble wrap or other safety packing supplies. Don't forget you can always ship them ahead of your travel date so that you don't have to worry about it. They will be there waiting for you when you arrive (still fabulously wrapped). Instead of fighting with TSA at the airport you could be shopping at the airport or getting a wonderful massage (some airports offer those). Then you'll be all happy and relaxed when you get to your final destination. Another advantage is that shipping eliminates that "pissed off" feeling you get when the airport loses your luggage, especially if you have those "connecting flights from [insert frustrated adjective/place of choice]."

Heed the Carry-on Rules - You know all those fabulous face, body lotions and colognes you've spent a ton of cash on, well you may have to throw those away if they are larger than 3 ounces. Before you pack, head to Bath and Body works or your store of choice for their travel size lotions. If you're not going to a fabulous hotel (where you can expect lotions and other hygiene products when you check in) make sure you bring them along with you (especially if you're not sure whether your host [a.k.a your sweetie's family] is adequately prepared for these sort of mini-emergencies. It's a real bummer to get to your destination without any lotions, oils, colognes or body hydration of choice.


Every Diva Needs Fabulous Luggage (and pocketbook) - Use some of that cash you saved on airline tickets to buy you something sassy for your clothes and accessories. And for you "Almost Engaged," your luggage is an accessory. Trust me, it is!! You also want to carry a sassy pocketbook, sturdy enough to hold all your magazines, and gorgeous enough to be ogled!!!

Check in online if your airline allows it. This eliminates all those "waiting-in long lines" moments (sorry, you still have to go through security though - [for your safety :-))!!

Finally, Please arrive early - Even though hanging out at the airport is not your cup of tea, it beats missing your flight!!! You want to have enough time to have a relaxing flight. Nothing sucks more than running to the gate on the other side of the airport with only 30 seconds to spare. You want to be as relaxed and fabulous as possible. Sassy Divas are never harried!!! Plus, all that stress of "nearly missing your flight" puts you in a "fighting, leave me the [&^%*] alone mood" with your sweetie.

Accessories for The Holiday Season











Pictures: Intro, Plan Ahead, Do not wrap Gifts, Heed the Carry-on Rules, Every Diva Needs Fabulous Luggage, Fabulous Pocketbook, Check in online if your airline allows it, Lines, Please arrive early, 1. Bangles, 2. Bangles, 3 Bangles, 4. Jewel Cuff Bracelet, 5. Hoop Earrings, 6. Quilted Cuff Bracelet, 7. Heart & Dove Necklace, 8. Wing Pendant Necklace, 9. Envelope Clutch, 10. Jeweled Clutch

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TILshopgirl said...

I LOVE THE BANGLES!!! When I'm getting dressed for work, I have to fight to urge to pile my bangles on high and rock them like Beyonce did at the AMAs! HA!!!

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